I would have loved it as a wedding song ;__; But honestly I can see it ultimately about them working though the hard parts because, good and bad, it's worth it. It totally works in that regard. But who knows.


It would be so good as a wedding song! I’m expecting less than 100% happy context yes, but I’m hoping it could still cause lots of happy Klaine feelings. Please don’t fuck it up, Glee. Please.

And for their wedding I am hoping for that Teenage Dream serenade by Kurt/Klaine duet people have been talking about.

Honestly one song can't save it automatically. I need their vibe and their actual relationship to be positive. That they are working on making things better and happy with each other



I mean, yeah, you’re right, but my standards have been so low lately, the song itself already seems like a huge fucking deal regardless of what else will happen. I think Darren will sing this gorgeously. And I’m being positive about what context I’d want it to be in for now because I’d like to enjoy the beautiful potential a little longer and I’m trying to emotionally ignore most of the Klaine drama lately anyway and maybe this will be one of those episodes that don’t suck.

total best case scenario right here

Right? I don’t want Klaine to even contemplate another LDR or be divided by whatever other problem pops up, but if this happens I feel like I’ll probably enjoy the episode a lot from the point of this performance on. And I’m actually feeling something like this is not impossible, too? Somebody stop me from flying too close to the sun. Actually don’t, I’m just gonna enjoy this for now.

Context aside, I’m unnervingly hopeful Glee won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory this time and the performance itself at least will be as good as the song choice promises. IT’S SUCH A GOOD SONG. IT IS THE BEST SONG. KLAAAAAAAINE. ;________;

Hopeful prediction because what the hell I’m happy right now: Blaine is going to sing this live at the showcase to Kurt and it’s going to fix whatever issue they’re dealing with (LA?) because (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:LOVE ・゚✧and Klaine will end the season in a happy place finally.